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What's New - Latest News, Info, Products and Services

Website & Business Changes - 1/26/12

KVI Media has been growing and changing with the industry. Because of this evolution, KVI has a number of changes to announce. First, our fax line is being eliminated. We still have fax capability, but no longer have a dedicated line for that function.

Second, An all new website is in the works. It will be easier to navigate, have expanded services and help sections and will have on-line samples of products that we offer.

Third, KVI will also have a presence on Facebook! This addition will allow us to offer special offers for our Facebook 'friends', keep clients up to date on new product offerings and updates on production schedules and delivery dates.

Check back to see this complete 'extreme' makeover. You won't be disappointed!

the Consumer Video Education blog - 9/1/08

KVI Media has added a blog to the website that will attempt to provide information to the general public to explain, de-mystify and hopefully provide an understanding of the sometimes complex world of video. From explaining complex subjects in plain English to untangling that impossible knot of wiring in back of the old TV set, all subjects are on the table to set you straight.

Got a question? A special email address has been setup to shoot off your question. Most general questions will be answered via the blog, especially if it will benefit the general population. That email is: .

This blog is broadcast via the RSS feed, so you can subscribe for alerts when new posts are entered. If not, just bookmark the blog and check back often as there are an endless list of subjects to cover.

New Services - College Portfolios - 7/24/08

KVI Media is now offering College Portfolio Services. Videos are now required by most colleges as part of the admission process and are not only for sports scholarships. KVI will work with your college counselor or can offer advice on content to create a video that will maximize your chances of acceptance.

If you have your own video footage, we can edit that to your requirements. If you need video, KVI will use its years of experience to capture the footage that you need, from sports, musical, theatrical events to interviews, walkthroughs and demos.

Group packages are also available for sport teams, drama or music groups were more than one college hopeful can benefit from an event recording.

Website/Services Upgrades - 2/28/07

To provide our clients with the latest in what the internet has to offer, we have increased our capabilities by changing our service provider. What does this mean to you? More information, more services and speed.

The first thing that you will notice is a new look, but it goes beyond that. We will now have the ability to stream or broadcast your video (privately, of course) anywhere in the world. This is great if friends and relatives can't attend your event or if you have a video that you have produced and you want to share those memories.

We now also offer many web services; from designing complete websites to encoding material for you to add to your own site.

DVDs vs. VHS tapes - 5/9/06

Lets face it, VHS is a 20th century media. DVDs have increasingly taken over the video market, both in commercial and personal video. Prices of DVD players have decreased to the sub $30 range and conversely, VHS decks have increased to the $60 range and are pretty hard to find! It is to everyones advantage to just ship and make DVDs the video media of choice. The result will be better picture quality, space saving (10 DVDs in a special binder is smaller than a single VHS tape) and longevity ... Most DVDs will last 50+ years vs. an average of 10 years for VHS (and most other analog magnetic tape).

Because of this, Keepsake Video/KVI Media has increase DVD production capability with two DVD duplicating systems that are capable of producing some 42 - 2 hour DVDs per hour! We also invested in a robotic DVD printer to create full color labels directly onto the DVD, without using stick-on paper labels. All this to better serve our clients and create the highest possible quality product in the shortest time period.

New Site Design - 10/5/04

Welcome to our new look. Take a look around and feel free to comment on what you like or don't like. Check back ofter as we are still improving and adding to the content.

My DVD won't play - 9/1/04

I just got my DVD and it skips, stops, studders, jumps around. All my movies play just fine. My DVD must be bad.....Not likely. Here is why.

Commercially produced movies are replicated. That is they are stamped out in a press. The method that we use in producing DVDs is duplication, which is recording each DVD. This is known as DVD recordable (DVD-R or DVD+R). Because of the different methods of creation, some DVD players, especially older machines do not recognize DVD-Rs and will react differently, from not 'seeing' the DVD at all to partial play (with skipping). This is do to the fact that initially, when the DVD format was created, there was no such thing as a recordable DVD and the players were built accordingly. But now that DVD-Rs are common place, newer players are designed to recognize the new format and will play them along with your rental movies. This is not unique to our DVDs, all small quantity DVD production use the DVD-R (or DVD+R) method, so if your player does not function with our DVDs, it will not function with ANY recorded DVD, from any source.
If you are having a problem with your KVI Media DVD, call us with your DVD player make and model number. We can compare it to an ever-growing list of tested DVD players to confirm if your machine is compatible with recordable DVDs or click here to check it yourself
----> DVD Player Check .
KVI Media trys to minimize compatibility problems by using the best DVD media available, recording at speeds known to provide maximum compatibility and digitally checking each and every DVD to the origional master DVD to be sure that the record it 100% perfect and true to the origional. If there is a single digital bit difference between the two, the recorded DVD is rejected as bad.
If you have any additional questions on recordable DVDs, feel free to contact us by email or phone.

Weddings - 3/7/2004

Although Keepsake Video cut it's teeth on producing wedding videos, we are sad to announce that we no longer offer wedding video production. Many factors forced us to re-think our position in the industry, the most basic is an economic one. The economy, trends, and wedding budgets may all have a part in the decline of interest in Keepsake producing wedding memories for area brides and grooms. Our policy from day one was to produce the best possible product, but with limited budgets and time constraints of other projects, we could not continue with weddings with a clear conscience. We appologize if we have disappointed anyone and we will help you to find another qualified person to capture your wedding day memories. We know of several local companies that we feel confident you will be happy with. Keepsake Video will still support the art of creating wedding memories. Together with The 4EVER Group, we feel that education on the importance of telling your wedding day story is key having one created, regardless of your budget. Of all the expense of the day, the cake, the limo, the flowers ....... your photos and video will be the only way to remember the day and better yet, allow you to replay the day for your children and grandchildren. If you need more reasons, please visit the 4EVER Group website ( ) to see just what is currently being created for newlyweds around the country and the world. I think that you just be surprised and change your mind on how much that wedding video is actually worth.
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